Plants, Stone, California Landscapes



DryStoneGarden is the blog project of Cummings Landscape Architecture, a landscape design/build located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We design and install custom gardens combining dry stack stonework and low-water plants. We are interested in plants, stone, edible gardening, garden design, green building, and sustainability.

We’re not professional photographers and our photos are taken when the opportunities present themselves, often times when the light might not be perfect or a plant might need deadheading, but you are welcome to use any photos that you find useful. Attribution in the form of a link back is appreciated, and if you make a million dollars please share some with us or an open source community like WordPress or Wikimedia.

We read and appreciate all comments, questions, and dissents, and try to reply to each of them, either on this blog or more often on the commenter’s own blog. Thanks for reading.