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Indigofera, RIP

Indigofera heterantha, Indigo Bush

As part of the projects we’re doing in our garden, this weekend we took out our Indigofera heterantha. (The common name is Indigo Bush because one of the related species, I. tinctoria, is the historic source for indigo dye.) I’ve shown it in bloom day posts a few times. Kind of sad to see it go. Anita bought it on a whim five years ago to try it out, and we’ve liked it, though not quite so much that we’ve ever planted one for a client. It’s a good plant, with nice pea-family foliage and flowers, and it’s pretty much the best thing blooming in our garden this time of year. But it’s also the last plant to wake up in our garden in the spring and it gets a lot of dried-out twiggy stuff on the ends of its branches; people ask us if it’s dead unless we cut it back. I think people usually shear them to maintain a rounded form, but ours is shaded by our bamboo for part of the year so it has grown upright and leggy and we limbed it up to the shape of a very small tree. We liked it and would have kept it longer, but we needed to clear space to move our old garden shed. It was a choice between removing the Indigofera or the Dr. Hurd Manzanita, which isn’t much of choice at all. Sorry, Indigofera. Farewell.

Indigofera heterantha, Indigo Bush

There&#'s a shed in there

If you look closely at the photo above, you can see our old garden shed, hidden amongst the bamboo. We cut down the bamboo and then rolled the shed out of there. The poor Indigofera was blocking where we needed to move the shed, but it was the only casualty of the project so far, along with the bamboo which our garden can well afford. I’m not sure I’ve ever fully conveyed how much bamboo our garden has, but it’s a lot, like ‘open a restaurant for panda bears’ lot. It’s the defining feature of the garden, twenty foot high golden bamboo on all sides completely screening our yard from the neighbors. We did two loads like you see in the photo below, and that only scratched the surface.

Just part of what we took out

Town Mouse and Country Mouse have started posting photos of their gardens on the first of every month. Below is the dominant view of our garden at the moment, the site of our old shed waiting for the next phase of bamboo removal, the not-so-fun digging phase. I’m not sure if we’ll have a new garden shed in this view by the start of next month, but we should be pretty far along.

Where the shed used to be

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