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March Blooms


Happy spring, happy equinox. These are a few of the plants that were in bloom on bloom day. The seed grown Sidalcea has been in full bloom for a couple of weeks, the groundcover selection is not blooming yet. The first California poppy opened in late February. Established ones are blooming, new ones are still too small to bloom.


The Sacred flower of the Incas has several nice bloom clusters.


The Babianas are in full bloom. I have these in my garden because a past client didn’t like the way the old leaves stay around after they go dormant. His loss, my garden’s gain. I like them.


Salvia sonomensis looks great right now. It’s my favorite of the native salvias, along with ‘Bee’s Bliss’, ahead of the more upright S. clevelandii types.

Check out bloom day at MayDreamsGardens to see what was blooming for other gardeners a few days ago. The full bloom list for our garden is below.

Full bloom:

Geranium ‘Bill Wallis’
Heuchera sanguineum
Daffodils, some are finished already
Fragaria vesca and Fragaria chiloensis
Ipheion uniflorum one patch blooming, most of them finished blooming
Iris innominata ‘Ed Wood’
Mandarin has a lot of flowers this year
Verbena lilacina
Alyssum as ever

Light bloom:

Gladiolus communis began to open on the 17th
Cercocarpus betuloides has a few flowers and beautiful new foliage.
Ninebark is fully leafed out, with flower buds
Iris douglasiana
Solanum ‘Indian Gray’ light foliage, but decent amount of flowers
Iris ‘Native Warrior’ 1 flower
Iris ‘Patrick’s Gold’ 1 flower
Viola adunca
Viola non-native mix
Wisteria floribunda both vines are starting up
Lewisia var. 1 flower open
Freesia, the last of them are blooming, the peak was the 10th

Mimulus cardinalis and Lilium pardalinum have their foliage out. Calycanthus is leafing out. The Fig is leafed out. Western Azalea is budding. Redtwig Dogwood is dormant. Acer ‘Japanese Sunrise’ is leafing out, Acer palmatum and Acer circinatum are dormant.

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