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Gone South

We’re off to Belize for a short vacation. We were planning to go to Joshua Tree, but that didn’t sound restful enough; sometimes vacation needs to include a beach. I should have a post or two on the Mayan ruins and the plants when I get back.

Before leaving, I wanted to make note of the deciduous plants in our yard on the same date, March 23, that I did last year. A few plants are earlier this year, somewhat more of them are a little behind, overall the lists are very similar. Last year’s list is here, this year’s is below the fold.

— Note — This list was put up when we left town in March. Notes in parantheses were added at the end of April.

  • Clematis ligusticifolia is just starting to leaf out;
    Calycanthus occidentalis has been leafing out for a couple of weeks; (flower buds forming the last week of April)
    Dicentra formosa leafed out last week, Dicentra “Bachanal” is still dormant; (Bachanal began to leaf out the first week of April, bloomed the last week)
    the Redtwig Dogwood is leafed out;
    the Ninebark leafed out in early February, is covered with buds, two clusters have opened; (blooms opening throughout April)
    the native lilies came up several weeks ago, Lilium regale is still dormant, Allium unifolium in pots has buds, no buds on the ones in the ground; (blooms opened on the ones in the pots around mid-April, on the ones in the ground two weeks later beginning at the end of April)
    the native asters are leafed out;
    the Ribes “White Icicle” in the shade is leafed out and finished blooming;
    the non-cultivar Ribes sanguineum has barely bloomed, with leaves slowly opening throughout March;
    the two Amelanchier alnifolia in containers are budding; (fully leafed out April 20th)
    Philadelphus micranthus is barely budding; (budded the first week of April)
    the Snowberry leafed out three weeks ago;
    Mimulus cardinalis is leafed out;
    Stream Orchid came up the first week of April;
  • Non-natives:

  • the fig tree is leafing out;
    the walnut just started to leaf out;
    the Chinese pistaches are barely budding; (the neighbor’s two leafed out the first week of April; the slower, more sheltered one in front of our house was only budding the last week of April)
    most of the Japanese maples in containers are leafed out, ‘Japanese Sunrise,’ in full shade, is still dormant (slowly leafing out the second half of April)
    the Chaste tree has been budding for a couple of weeks; (leafed out by the start of April)
    the young Eastern Redbuds have a few flowers;
    the Indigofera has a few leaves breaking but is mostly dormant; (slowly leafing out, not fully leafed out by the end of April)
  • A lot of the plants woke up right around the start of April.

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