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Our Winter Vegi List

Folks in Anita’s winter vegi classes were interested in what specific varieties to grow, so I thought I’d post the list of what we’re growing in our Richmond Annex (fog belt, zones 9b and 17) garden for this winter. Everything we’re growing is a variety that we’ve done at least one of the past three winters here, which seems a little boring and unadventurous, but should produce reliably.

    Favas Beans
    Snap Peas ‘Cascadia’
    Beat Greens “Lutz Salad Leaf’
    Romaine Lettuce ‘Freckles’
    ‘De Cicco’ Broccoli
    Yellow Onion Sets
    Garlic ‘Nootka Rose’
    Kale ‘Dwarf Blue Curled’ and ‘Dinosaur’
    Mustard ‘Red Giant’
    Miner’s Lettuce

A pretty standard list, everything reliable. Alpine Strawberries, a Rocoto Pepper, Regular and Garlic Chives, and a couple of Blueberries are the year-round residents. We’re still harvesting Celery, Leeks, and Zucchini’s, and we’ll probably plant out more Snap Peas and Kale or maybe Rainbow Chard in those spots in February.

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