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Tuscany Gold Gravel

tuscany gold gravel

tuscany gold gravel

I’m hoping this photo from last fall will sell my Mom on some gravel. She’s been resistant to the idea of using gravel in her yard, but I think she’s picturing gray construction gravel. I probably need to start calling it Tuscany Gold, the way they do at the stoneyard, make it sound more stylish. The Tuscany Gold¬†looks a bit mediterranean/southwestern for her taste, but gravel has some advantages over flagstone, mainly that it drains well and it’s inexpensive and easy to install and maintain. It’s not so good for patio furniture, it’s not as nice to walk on, and it can get stuck in the soles of your shoes and scratch the hardwood floors, but none of those issues would be a problem for that section of my parents’ yard where they want to take out some lawn. And I think the ease of installation should trump¬†everything in this instance. A mother shouldn’t want her only son carrying a ton of flagstone into the backyard.

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