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Blanc Green Wall

I did another bike trip in Europe this summer, this time riding from Paris to Bologna. I’ll probably do about a half dozen posts from that trip. This is the first one, a few photos of a green wall on the side of the Musee de Quai in Paris. It’s by Patrick Blanc, the green-haired frenchman who designed the Drew School green wall in San Francisco that I’ve posted about several times: 2011, 2013 and 2016. The Drew School wall was a lot of fun to see the first time, and remains a nice feature even though the plantings haven’t aged exceptionally well. This Paris green wall is in better shape. Most of it is lush and it’s an exuberant element in a city that needs as much vegetation as it can get.

Along with the vertical garden, the museum has a pleasant garden of horizontal plantings designed by another French horticultural star, Gilles Clement. In France I saw several gardens designed by him. This was the most successful of them in my opinion, mostly an understated planting of grasses and trees, a pleasant spot to escape the feeling of agitation that Paris tended to give me.

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