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Spain and Portugal Drawings

This is my first blog post in a couple of years. I’ve spent the Covid years either working or hunkered down, and haven’t really felt motivated. This summer, though, I took my first significant trip in three years, riding a bicycle for six weeks in Portugal and Spain, and I got some of my blogging mojo back; Spain and Portugal are absolutely filled with subjects right in the drystonegarden wheelhouse. I expect to do at least a half dozen posts before my mojo runs out, and maybe I’ll keep going after that.
To start with, these are my drawings from the trip, almost one per day, loosely following my progress from Lisbon up through the interior of Portugal, then through the northern interior of Spain to Pamplona, then along Spain’s north coast loosely following the Camino de Santiago Norte to Santiago de Compostela, and then back down to Lisbon. It was a great trip, my third bike trip in Europe, and I can’t wait until my next one.

View from Castelo de Sao Jorge, Lisbon

Men playing Sueco, Lisbon

Paving Patterns, Braga

Bom Jesus, Braga

Castelo de Vilar Maior

Facades, Ponte de Lima

Ponte de Lima

Mason’s Marks, Ponte de Lima

Mason’s Marks


Museo de Vale do Coa


Vinho Verde Tinto, Upper Minho

Douro River Area

Ponte da Ladeira, Soajo

Rio Oja, Ezcaray



Cabo Penas

Chillida’s Elegy for the Horizon, Gijon

Bridge near Ribadeo

San Vicente de Barquera




Jorge Oteiza Museum

Capela de Animas, Santiago de Compostela

Niche Figures, Santiago de Compostela

Iglesia San Nicolas de Bari, Aviles


Jardin de Quinta das Lagrimas, Coimbra

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