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The Tree Museum

Happy new year. I’m still posting things from my bike trip from Amsterdam to Bologna last summer. This is another garden, but quite different from the others. It’s branded as a Tree Museum, which is a great concept, but I’d describe it as a sculpture garden, with the trees as the sculpture. Maybe those are not mutually exclusive terms; it certainly has the rarefied air of a museum. The creator is a Swiss landscape architect/nurseryman who specializes in moving large trees. Over the years he built up a collection of trees and at some point he decided to create a garden to display them. I love the way the walls are used to frame the trees.

It’s beautiful how the maple drapes over the wall.

I love this downed tree trunk.

The trees make wonderful shadow patterns on the walls.

And the stakes propping up the branches are another nice element.

Along with the trees there’s an actual sculpture collection.

It all makes for quite a unique, wonderful sculpture garden.

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