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Pendent Boulders


Lately my commute has been taking me past a collection of giant metal sculptures. They’re pretty dramatic. The first ones that catch my eye are figurative works — oversized humans kneeling or beseeching the sky behind chain link fencing and barbed wire, surrounded by cracked concrete and weeds and graffiti — but my favorites are these abstract ones with granite boulders hanging from metal frameworks. The suspended boulders have a certain energy. I’d like to scale the fence and climb on them, maybe swing around on the one on the chains, but no doubt that’s why there’s barbed wire, to keep out goofballs like me.


The yard is part of a large studio warehouse space that recently sold; the new owners reportedly intend to keep it going. The studio’s facebook page links to a new organization, formed after the Oakland warehouse fire, devoted to sustaining Oakland’s creative spaces. I hope this one endures. It’s a highlight of the commute.


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  1. December 14th, 2016 at 8:33 am

    danger garden says:

    Those are fabulous. I would go out of my way to commute past them everyday.

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