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Gone Climbin’

I’m heading up to a wedding near Smith Rock in Oregon this week and then down to another wedding in Bishop soon after that. Those are two of the west coast’s renowned climbing areas, so I’ll be distracted from this blog for a little while. I should have some posts when I get back.

Eichler Party

A couple of weekends back, we went to a party in one of the gardens we installed this spring. I realized that this doesn’t happen all that often, that we don’t often get to see people out using and enjoying the spaces that we create, and that we don’t often hang out in and enjoy those spaces ourselves, so it was really nice to be in one of our gardens in something other than a professional context.

It was also interesting because the project was at an Eichler house. Eichler was a developer in the 50’s and 60’s who built homes in the California modern style, mostly in the Bay Area. The homes are known for their vision of California indoor/outdoor living, often with floor-to-ceiling glass looking out on the backyards, and it was nice to see that in action. The house and garden really do have a seamless transition.

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