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calendula & geranium "bill walls"

We try pretty hard for year-round bloom to keep our beneficial insects happy, but I doubt they’re very impressed with our offering on the first day of winter. Geranium “Bill Walls,” this calendula, and Linaria pururea are the only ones in full bloom. Everything else is young or only able to muster a token bloom. Of interest probably only to me, the bloom list is below:

Geranium “Bill Walls”

Linaria Purpurea

Arctostaphylos “John Dourley”

Alonsoa meridionalis



Fuschia “Gartenmeister Bonstedt”

Penstemon heterophyllus

Dicentra formosa

Sisyrinchium bellum

Sidalcea malviflora

Calandrina spectabilis

Various Fragaria species

Rosmarinus officinalis

Crassula spp.



A lettuce I’m letting reseed


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