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One More Hack Video

Sorry, but here’s one more.

At the hacky sack world championships (for those keeping score: a new 18 year old Czech kicker won the title, a Swiss woman won the women’s title, and Poland swept the doubles competition) I saw a bunch of people for the first time in years, including my friend Lon with whom I travelled around street-performing in Europe for a couple of months ten years ago. I haven’t kicked a hack in years, but Lon has continued playing all of this time and, unbeknownst to me, starred in a Modest Mouse video a couple of years ago.

Besides the fact that it’s nice to see a professionally shot and edited video of my friend playing hack, and hilarious to see him undressing (only part way, don’t worry) in a rock video, the video is rather true to the hacky sack experience. When I was traveling around with Lon, I remember it was sometimes easy to draw a crowd of two hundred people but in other places impossible to build a crowd of five. And Lon never seemed to care much either way; more than anyone else I know, he’s content to do his thing whether anyone watches or not.

I’ll be back to stone and plants this weekend.


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