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The Bancroft Garden Entrances

I was interested in some of the changes in the Bancroft Garden as it evolves from a quirky private garden to a public one. For instance the entrance was moved from one side of the garden to the other, with a noticeable change in style. I suppose they couldn’t keep it, but there’s something to be said for an entrance that is just a giant agave and a mailbox with the name hand lettered in Sharpie.

The original parking lot was at the eccentric shade house/gazebo.

The better view of the structure is from the inside of the garden where there’s a flagstone patio.

The entrance and main parking lot were moved to the back of the garden so that there would be enough space for a tour bus to turn around. There’s a slick sign and planting on the street at the new entrance, but after parking you walk into the garden through a section that feels very much like the hinterlands; it took me a while to figure out that it actually was the hinterlands. Apparently, there’s a master plan in development that will change that.

The planting at the new entrance looks much newer than all the plantings inside the garden.

As soon as the property ends, the ivy starts. It’s hard to show with photos how completely the garden is surrounded by generic subdivisions.

Bancroft Garden Tulipa Saxatilis

Species Tulip, Tulipa saxatlis

Species Tulip, Tulipa saxatlis

During my first visit to the Bancroft Garden at the end of March, there was a naturalized patch of a species tulip, Tulipa saxatilis, the same one that we have in our garden and which I showed for March bloom day. Pretty nice. I’ve seen them described as looking washed out in the sun, but I like the peachy off-white. I tried it in my mom’s garden, and she gave it the thumbs up, too, so at least one tulip lover accepts it as a reasonable substitute for the hybrids. I’ll be pretty happy if they come back and make a big patch like this in her garden.

Tulipa saxatilis

Tulipa saxatilis

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