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Photovoice from the Iron Triangle

Community Garden, Project Photovoice

Photo from Pogo Park Photovoice

“Beautiful community garden that Iron Triangle has.  I’d really like to see more gardens, more flora, in the city of Richmond.” Click over to Pogo Park Photovoice to hear the speaker’s voice.

I was going to post some more content from Anita’s class about grasses, but an article in this week’s East Bay Express caught my attention with the mention of a photovoice project in the Iron Triangle of Richmond. (The Iron Triangle was originally defined as the area between three old railroad lines, but now refers more generally to the area between highways 80 and 580. Urban problems affect the area much more heavily than they do other parts of Richmond such as Richmond Annex where I live.) I complained recently about how there is sometimes a disconnect between designers and the communities they design for. Photovoice, where members of a community are given cameras to make their own document about their community, is a method to try to overcome that disconnect. It’s not so different from what garden designers do whenever they try to design for a new client, but photovoice projects are usually with communities that don’t often get their voices heard and don’t always get to participate in the design process for their own communities. I don’t know much about the Iron Triangle, even though I live in Richmond, so it was good to see the photos and hear the voices of the people who took them. I’ll be interested to see how the park turns out.

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